Yurt Security: Why It Matters and How To Improve It

Many yurts are livable all year, which means people are transitioning to living in them full time. One question that continues to pop up for new yurt owners is security. Is living in a yurt safe? Do I make myself more vulnerable to intruders by living in a yurt? Check out this blog to explore why yurt security matters and how to improve it.

Why Yurt Security Matters

Whether you live in a traditional home or a yurt, you want to feel safe from wildlife and unruly humans. Protection is incredibly important to many people. Feeling safe in your yurt allows for a good night’s sleep and a sense of peace.

Are yurts safe? Freedom Yurt Cabins are safe. Our hard-sided yurt cabins provide an additional safety measure that fabric yurts can’t offer. You’ll stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Plus, wildlife will have a more challenging time getting into the yurt cabin. The fiberglass door we provide comes with a deadbolt, which makes it more difficult to break in. All the included windows have screens and a lock system.

There are extra precautions yurt owners can take to up the security factor. These actions will help you proactively avoid security issues and provide peace of mind.

Improving Your Yurt Security

One of the top things people wonder about yurts is how safe they are from wild animals, intruders, and environmental elements. If you’re unfamiliar with a yurt, you may believe it’s like a tent. A tent couldn’t stand up against these threats, but a yurt can. Yurt cabins are very secure, but there are ways you can improve the security.

Create a budget to spend on high-quality security products, especially if the yurt cabin is your permanent home. Security companies and modern technology have items suitable for yurts where you may not have access to a reliable power source.

Install Smart Locks

Smart locks are great for windows, gates, and doors. You can check if you locked a specific window or door from your phone while in bed or in town running errands. You can also unlock the door for neighbors or friends who need to enter your house. It’s a quick and easy process and makes your yurt safer.

The most popular option is the deadbolt smart lock. You’ll replace the manual deadbolt with a smart one. Many of these deadbolt smart locks have a keypad that makes it easy to enter the house without a key. Look for ones that have a feature that will automatically lock after a certain time. It’s usually around 10 to 15 seconds, so you don’t have to worry about the door. This feature is especially great for forgetful individuals.

Motion Sensor and Outdoor Lights

Adding more outdoor lighting will add more security to your yurt. Motion sensor lights will inform you when an intruder or wild animal is nearby. If you do a lot of outdoor entertaining at your yurt, more outdoor lighting is never a bad idea. It will brighten up the area so you can see your surroundings. Avoid letting intruders creep around you in the dark while you chit-chat with the company.

Motion sensors and outdoor lights will illuminate your property at night and let you know if anything is happening. Pair the motion sensor lighting with security cameras for additional security.

Build a Fence

Perimeter fences are a simple way to make your yurt cabin more secure. They deter wild animals and other intruders from attacking your yurt. Ensure you install a well-secured gate or have a fence that’s four to six feet high.

If you truly fear for your safety, you can install an electric fence. It provides an electrified barrier to prevent unwelcome visitors from entering your property. This idea may not be the best for yurt cabin owners with pets. It also won’t keep out bears.

Not every yurt owner wants to install a fence. One of the best things about yurt living is the views; a fence can block or obstruct the views. You can try a fencing alternative instead, such as an air horn, screamer, or alarm. These devices will make noise when someone trespasses on your property.

Install an Alarm System

You’re probably familiar with alarm systems since many traditional homes use them for security. There’s a reason they’re so popular. They work effectively and are a great way to keep your yurt safe. It will protect your home and anyone visiting or staying in your yurt. You’ll have peace of mind as you rest at night.

They’ll monitor your windows, doors, and other entrances on the yurt, sounding an alarm if someone tries to open a door or window. You’ll know if someone or a wild animal is trying to break into your yurt. Yes, wild animals can attempt to break in as well. The alarm system will keep you updated on everything that’s happening around your yurt.

You’ll discover plenty of different models on the market. Find the one right for your property and budget. You can even upgrade and purchase entire security systems for your property. It’s all about what makes you feel comfortable.

Add Security Cameras

Along the same lines as alarm systems, security cameras can show you what’s happening around your yurt. Plus, you can keep the recordings. Most security cameras can connect to your smart devices, allowing you to check when you get an alert. It could be a curious squirrel running around or an intruder attempting to break in.

Security cameras can also deter intruders from vandalizing or breaking into your yurt. They’ll know that someone is watching their every move, and no criminal wants to get caught. Browse online or in stores for the right security cameras for your yurt. There are plenty of styles, quality, and price points available.

A video doorbell can do the trick if you’re not interested in a full set of security cameras. These will alert you when someone is at the front door. You can check on package deliveries, kids coming home from school, and visiting neighbors in real time.

You can also use your security cameras to watch your kids and pets while they play outside. The devices provide peace of mind while you’re trying to cook dinner or clean, and the kids need outdoor time. You can quickly check the cameras from your smartphone or other smart device and see what they’re up to.

Final Security Thoughts

No yurt or traditional home is impenetrable, but you can improve it with the right security measures. You want to keep your family and yourself safe anywhere you live. With the above security tips, you can create a plan. Use professional help if you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed.

Yurt Security: Why It Matters and How To Improve It

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