How To Assemble a Yurt

Freedom Yurt Cabins have a unique design that enables you and a few friends and family to assemble a yurt in just a few days. Our DIY yurt kits are shipped with everything you need, including a set of detailed instructions that walk you through erecting your yurt from the ground up.  

Learning how to assemble a yurt is easy with the plans, parts, and layouts you receive from Freedom Yurt Cabins. With our unique design, assembling a yurt is easier than you expect: our innovative integrated platform system sets our yurts apart. 

Rather than hiring a professional to pour a permanent concrete slab or build a wood deck, our hard-sided, four-season yurts rest on a floor support system composed of joists radiating outward from a central steel support ring, to connect to adjustable feet that sit atop portable concrete pavers. You then use earth anchors to secure the joists to the ground, while maintaining complete portability for your yurt. You can disassemble and move your yurt without leaving any permanent alteration to your property. 

Pre-drilled and precision-cut floor sheathing panels take the guesswork out of fitting the floor to the joists, and you can drill through them or removed them to run conduit for wiring or pipes for plumbing beneath the floor. 

Then come the insulated wall panels, with real glass windows and a sturdy door. Our roof rafters are made from sanded, smoothed, and stained Douglas fir, as is our matching plywood roof sheathing. The lightweight steel roof ring makes installing rafters in the correct position easier. After you install the Durolast® roof fabric, you top off your yurt with a crown that seals against the roof fabric, and a dome providing a view of the sky. The dome opens for ventilation yet still keeps precipitation out during an ordinary rainstorm.  

Our Freedom Yurt Cabins are designed to make yurt installation easier and to facilitate the permitted process by being classifiable as both permanent and temporary structures. For more details on how to assemble a yurtcontact a yurt cabin specialist, who can answer your questions, from what tools you need to obtaining stamped plans for permitting and inspections, to how best enhance your yurt for extra wind and snow resistance. Call today!