Commercial Yurts

Set your business apart with commercial yurts from Freedom Yurt Cabins. Generate income from short-term rentals. Attract guests to your yurt hotel or “glampground.” Provide spa services with the serene energy of a yurt’s circular design. Create a unique retail space for your designer jewelry, home goods, or apparel. If you run a hospitality, leisure, or retail business, consider the benefits of commercial yurts. 

Freedom Yurt Cabins have a unique, hard-sided, durable design that allows you to use them as permanent structures. Populate your campground with yurts for an adventure your campers will never forget. Or use yurts to provide unique lodgings for conference attendees at your convention facility: there’s just something about the circular design of a yurt that fosters contemplation, concentration, and creativity. Conference attendees staying in glamping yurts may find they feel more energized, relaxed, and engaged and come away with greater benefit from attending a professional gathering than they would have if they stayed in a conventional hotel room. 

Are you developing a property for a wellness retreat, spa, or resort? Consider creating a yurt hotel. You’ll instantly have a unique business proposition that sets your retreat apart. House your spa services, meditation spaces, fitness rooms, and retail spaces for personal care products in yurts. These versatile structures can be placed as permanent shelters or treated as temporary structures. They’re very sturdy, yet portable. They’re easy to assemble and far less expensive than building traditional cabins, dormitories, or hotel rooms.  

And speaking of dormitories, colleges and universities dealing with a student housing crunch might consider enlisting students to create a yurt village on campus as overflow student housing. Not only will you be providing needed housing for students, but a unique learning experience in planning and building overflow housing, and even in sustainable practices like powering your commercial yurts with our available solar power kits.  

Whether you operate a resort, spa, campground, or hotel, our hard-sided, four-season yurts can expand your capacity, attract new visitors, and enhance the guest experience. In order to be successful, a business must be memorable. This is especially true of hospitality businesses that need to offer experiences, not just lodging. With commercial yurts from Freedom Yurt Cabins, your patrons and guests return home talking to everyone they know about their incredible experience staying at your yurt hotel or campground. And that positive word of mouth will help build your business and grow your community of repeat visitors. Contact Freedom Yurt Cabins for more information about building commercial yurts today.