Personal Yurt

When you hear the word “yurt,” you probably picture a round canvas or animal hide tent on a windswept plain or mountainside. While nomadic peoples have used yurts for centuries for portable shelter in a variety of terrains, these structures have evolved to become useful second homes, guest lodgings, home offices or spas, and more.  

Freedom Yurt Cabins has developed a unique yurt design: hard-sided, four-season personal yurts that are sturdy, durable, and able to endure a very broad range of weather conditions. These yurt homes are easy to assemble: you and a few friends and family can erect one in just a few days. They don’t require a concrete pad or wood deck: they come with their own floor joist and anchor systems. Yet they offer convenient yurt living with all the benefits of home. While these yurts are portable and can be disassembled and moved, they can also serve as permanent yurts in your backyard or on your vacation property.  

Has working from home become a permanent option for you? A Freedom Yurt Cabin personal yurt makes a great home office or studio space. Separate from the distractions of your main home, your personal yurt is your space to work and create, whether you’re a designer, software engineer, visual artist, or musician.  

A permanent yurt can also add living space to your home as an auxiliary dwelling unit for extended family. Elderly relatives or adult children saving for their own homes can live comfortably and separately, but close enough to walk across your backyard for family dinners, or for you to drive them to medical appointments or check on their well-being.  

Need a quiet retreat for meditation, yoga, or a private workout space? A shelter for a private home spa? Our yurt cabins can provide the space and privacy you need for your “me-time.” 

And if you’ve purchased land to build a vacation home, a personal yurt offers you the opportunity to live on your property for a while before you build. Experience sunrises and sunsets, stargazing, and the best views from your property to inform your design decisions for your future vacation home structure. Then keep your yurt to use as guest lodging for the inevitable parade of visitors you’ll get when your vacation home is complete. 

Run plumbing and electric wiring under the floor to add your kitchen, bathroom, and electrical outlets. And our engineer, licensed in 26 states, can provide stamped plans to assist you in obtaining permits for construction. Best of all, our yurt cabins can be classified as either permanent or temporary structures to best meet your local zoning and building codes. 

Explore the options for creating your personal yurt and experience the serenity of yurt living in your backyard or on your vacation property. Contact Freedom Yurt Cabins for more information today.