The Uniqueness of a Yurt,
The Comfort of a Cabin

Why Freedom Yurt-Cabins?

Freedom Yurt-Cabins are built with solid-insulated wall panels. We build for security, comfort, and durability. Let us help you face the elements with a true four-season structure.

Stack us up against the competition!

The proof is in the product

Built in 3-5 Days

All it takes is a group of 3-4 people to put up a Yurt-Cabin in 3-5 days with ease. 

Satisfied Customers

Our Trustpilot is filled with happen customers that are advocates for how great our product is.

Customer Testimonial

Listen to Bubba talk about how our Yurt-Cabins have helped him create a successful resort!


Whether you are looking to live in it full-time or rent it out, seasonality is not going to be an issue.

Build Your Yurt-CabiN!