Where we came from

Ken Sawyer grew up having a love for fabrication. He worked in many fields including modular home building, general contracting, custom cabinetry, and metal fabrication. These experiences led him to the imaginative vision of the production process for the Yurt-Cabin. Ken continues to apply his life lessons of continuous improvement and efficiency gains to better our companies business model. Freedom Yurt-Cabins has made Sidney, Nebraska our home factory and proud to say that our product is hand-built in the United States.

What we stand for

Freedom Yurt-Cabins believes in an affordable off-grid structure that boasts integrity through the use of high-quality materials, quality craftsmanship and a legendary product. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure the ultimate customer service experience. From the time a quote is filled out to the time to you are building your structure, we are there to assist you whenever it is needed. 

Why we are best on the market

We don’t like to go around tooting our own horn, we prefer to let our Yurt-Cabin family do it for us. We were voted the “Overall Best Yurt Kit” by Tiny Living Life in 2021. We have created the ultimate DIY Yurt-Cabin kit that allows individuals of all skillsets the ability to build this structure from the ground up. Our Yurt-Cabin is a four-season structure built to be lived in year-round.

Don’t take our word for it, go read our review at Tiny Living Life!

What does OUR future look like?

BASE MODEL CABIN (Operation Freedom Saves)

We are heavily invested in providing a solution to areas impacted by natural disasters, poverty-stricken, missionary, veterans, and third-world countries. Our structures offer the protection and comfortability of a home. We believe that having a readily available solution that could erect a small community-relief zone is essential in the ever-changing environment of the world.


Freedom Yurt-Cabins is exploring every available option we have at our disposal to produce the most eco-friendly product we can bring to market. It is our hope that we can utilize more readily recyclable materials, further reduce our product’s carbon footprint, and give our consumers the peace of mind they deserve.


Time and time again we see individuals in need of a solution to further their efforts of an easy transition to off-grid living. We are excited to bring our Yurt Accessory shop to the market! We will be offering a one-stop-shop for the avid outdoor enthusiast. We will be selling heating and air, wood stoves, solar energy, furniture, decorative accents, luxury upgrades, etc.

One thing we love to do is absorb the feedback we receive from our customers, you spoke and we heard you and plan on bringing you everything you could ever hope for!


We understand the need for a large Yurt-Cabin or ability to create a conjoined community and/or connect Yurt-Cabins. We are working with our engineers daily to bring forward solutions that will offer larger Freedom Yurt-Cabins and connective solutions. Although we would love to have this to the market immediately, we are doing our due diligence in ensuring that we are not sacrificing structural integrity, product longevity, or safety to bring a larger Yurt-Cabin to the market. Hang tight, it will be here sooner than you think!