Yurt Maintenance

Yurts are built to last, especially if they’re properly cared for and maintained. There’s a lot of preparation that yurt owners undergo before the actual structure can make an appearance. You have to decide where to place it; then, you have to get the land ready. Finally, you have to choose which yurt is right for you. But once it’s set up, there is a shift from preparation to preservation, which is why we’re here to provide a closer look at proper yurt maintenance.  

These structures need proper maintenance, just like homes. The great thing about the yurt cabin is that it’s built to last and fairly easy to care for. Our yurt cabins require less maintenance than traditional fabric yurts.  

The door of your yurt will need the most maintenance since it will see the most traffic. It’s exposed to the outside elements and is being opened and closed all the time. Doors put up with a lot; therefore, it’s natural for them to need plenty of care. Freedom Yurt-Cabins uses 36-inch fiberglass exterior doors for all our structures. If you choose to do so, you can install a screen or storm door to keep the pests out when you have the door open in the warmer months. Ensure you’re wiping down the doors as dirt or debris appears.  

Another area of yurt maintenance to tackle is the flooring. The type of cleaner you’ll use on the floors depends on the floor type. You don’t want to use the wrong chemical on your hardwood floors, as this can cause them harm. 

To clean the acrylic roof dome, use a plastic cleaner to keep it from becoming cloudy. Clean the dome with warm soapy water as well to see the night sky clearly and allow the sunshine to fill the space. Avoid using window cleaning solvents or sprays because they can cause the acrylic to crack.  

Also, ensure you’re using a soft cloth to wipe everything down, as paper towels and other paper products could scratch the surface. Wipe down the vinyl cover twice a year with mild soap and warm water, and use a soft bristle brush as well as a ladder to access the cover. Freedom Yurt-Cabins offers a wonderful cleaning kit to help with those hard to reach places without a ladder. It comes with different attachments to help with inside cleaning, too. If you live in an area with a lot of tree sap and leaves, you may want to clean the cover every couple of months. Take time to remove mold or mildew right away if you notice any. We do sell vinyl patch kits in case your cover ever tears. 

Clean out the woodstove monthly if you’re regularly using the stove. If not, you’re putting yourself at risk of a fire. Ensure you have a fire extinguisher in the yurt for emergencies.  

For more maintenance and care tips, refer to each product manufacturer’s website or call us at (719) 362-3333.