Eco-Friendly Yurt Cabins


Freedom Yurt-Cabins are committed to exploring Eco-Friendly business practices as we further our operations. We understand the importance of this to not only our customer base but also the world we inhabit. Below are some of the practices we have engrained into our business model when we build eco-friendly yurt cabins as well as some very hopeful future expansions.


In the world of construction, we are constantly utilizing materials that need disposed of properly. We are actively pursuing consulting from Environmental Works to partake in the most efficient disposal methods. With their expertise and our willingness to do our part in keeping the world clean, we can ensure that we are operating in the most eco-friendly way possible when we’re completing your yurt construction cleanup.

Local Recycling/REPURPOSING

One advantage of having scrap material is helping the local community. Whether it be wood scraps for local crafters/handymen, foam blocks for flower shops, or any other scrap that has feasible use. We make sure we are allowing others to utilize our waste before it goes through the disposal process. We also take our wood scraps and fabricate our own shipping crates/pallets. This helps us stay LEAN!


We understand the importance of a reduced carbon footprint. Many of our clients prefer off-grid living. We saw an opportunity to bring an e-commerce solution to the table for not only their lifestyle but those who have not yet been exposed to the advantage of an eco-friendly homestead. Our solar power solutions for yurts are also perfect for other spaces as well. In our online shop, we will now be offering packages that will allow any dwelling to reap the benefits of the off-grid world.

Freedom Yurt Cabins is the premier provider of high-quality eco-friendly yurt kits anywhere. We have the know-how and products you need to make your off-grid dreams come true. Contact us to learn more about everything we have to offer; get started on your new yurt cabin today!