The Benefits of Living in a Permanent Yurt

Have you been feeling like it’s time to downsize? Are you tired of living in a traditional-style home? A yurt could be exactly what you’re looking for. These structures have been around for centuries and have some amazing advantages. These are the benefits of living in a permanent yurt.

Environmentally Compatible

Yurts have the ability to blend into the environment you place them in. Traditional homes stand out more because of their square and rectangular shapes and straight lines. The yurt’s round shape is a more organic shape found in nature, giving it a more natural feel. Overall, your yurt will look more attractive and peaceful than a traditional house.

Design Flexibility

Yurts provide design flexibility because they don’t come with interior walls. You can leave the place completely open or build a few walls to give privacy and section off areas. For example, strategically place half walls and cabinets to provide the kitchen with a defined space.

You can also choose to go up and build a loft inside the yurt. Lofts are great for offices and bedrooms because they provide additional privacy and a quiet space to rest or work peacefully.

Eco-Friendly Living Option

Typically, contractors build yurts on raised platforms instead of concrete slabs, crawl spaces, or basements like traditional houses. This installation process means the yurt will hardly change the environment in which you place it. Companies that create yurts, like Freedom Yurt Cabin, ensure the method and materials are environmentally friendly. We use sustainable resources because we understand doing our part to protect the environment is important.

Plus, yurts put you closer to nature. It’s in your best interest to care for the natural environment that surrounds you. It would be sad to watch the nature around you quickly disappear.

Pay Fewer Taxes

How would you love to save hundreds or thousands of dollars yearly on taxes? Counties typically tax you based on the structure built on your property. Some may see it as a temporary shelter and won’t tax it at all, and other counties are different. But you’ll pay significantly fewer taxes on a permanent yurt than a home worth $400,000. You could end up paying a fraction of what you would for a traditional house. Think of all that extra money back in your pocket all because you decided to live permanently in a yurt.

With all of these yurt living benefits, you’ll surely want to invest in one of your own. Freedom Yurt Cabins offers the ultimate yurt kits that make them simple and easy to build. We have different sizes available so that you can find the perfect one for you and your property.


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