Why Yurts Make Great Homes for People of All Ages

Since yurts have become more popular, people are choosing to live in them full-time. If you and your family have considered this, you’ll want to explore this blog. It will open your eyes to the benefits of yurts and why they’re great homes for people of all ages.

What Is a Yurt?

Before we can explain why yurts make great homes, you have to fully understand what a yurt is. A yurt is a round structure that’s been around for centuries. Traditional yurts used wood and wool outer covers to create the shelter. Nomadic tribes loved yurts because they were spacious, comfortable, and portable.

Modern yurts, such as the ones from Freedom Yurt-Cabins, have more innovative features that protect families and individuals from the elements and wildlife. We have yurt kits for sale available at different price points and sizes. You’ll also discover other features you can add to create the yurt cabin with your specifications.

Closer Connection to Nature

One of the many reasons people love yurts is because they provide a closer connection to nature. You can place the structure near a forest, river, stream, lake, prairie, or desert. The options are essentially endless, and you won’t find this possibility as easily with a traditional home.

This nature connection can be important for many families. Kids will appreciate the natural elements becoming their playground. An elderly couple will enjoy the quiet surroundings they’ll wake up to each morning. People will become more lively and adventurous when exploring the natural environment. Overall, being close to nature is good for minds and bodies of all ages, and yurts allow for this closeness.

The Perfect Guest House

Do you have elderly parents you need to keep an eye on? A yurt-cabin is an excellent option. It gives everyone privacy and freedom while closing the distance. If your parents need anything, you can walk over to their yurt to help assist.

Then, you can keep the yurt cabin for the ideal guest house when your parents move out. It’s also a great place for adult children to crash when they’re saving up to buy a home or trying to find a job after college graduation.

Adequate Space

The round design allows yurts to feel incredibly spacious without a lot of square footage. The openness of the yurt provides adequate space for individuals and families to move around easily. You can add a loft to add privacy and more open area below. Every room flows into the other, allowing you to create the perfect layout for your family’s needs. Yurts are also accessible, making them ideal living spaces for older individuals or people living with disabilities.

Now you understand why yurts make great homes for people of all ages. This new way of life will create amazing adventure opportunities for your family and give your parents their freedom back.


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