Why Yurt-Cabins Are Great for Ski Resorts

As winter approaches, ski resorts around the United States prepare for the peak season. While skiing or snowboarding on the slopes is the main attraction for most visitors, comfortable accommodations can make or break their trip. Yurt-cabins are popular lodging options at ski resorts, and for good reason. Continue reading to explore the top three reasons why yurt-cabins are great accommodations to add toyour ski resort.

A Unique and Cozy Experience

Ski resorts attract visitors of all kinds, and many are looking for a lodging experience that is not just comfortable but also unique. Yurt-cabins provide just that! Unlike hotels or cabins, yurts offer a unique opportunity to stay in a circular structure.

The interior design of yurt-cabins features high ceilings and panoramic windows, so ski resort guests can view of their surroundings. These cabins range from basic lodgings with just a bed, table, and chairs to deluxe yurts with full kitchens and separate sleeping areas!

An Eco-Friendly Option

Yurt-cabins are sustainable because builders often use locally sourced materials. Yurts often have efficient heating and cooling systems such as woodstoves or radiant floor heating. Their circular shape creates minimal heat loss compared to square or rectangular structures.

Some ski resorts take it a step further and use solar panels to power the yurt-cabins! By staying in a yurt, your guests can be confident that they are vacationing sustainably.

Cost-Effective Lodging

Ski resort vacations can be expensive, but staying in a yurt-cabin can offer a more cost-effective option. Families and groups of friends can share space and split the cost. Additionally, yurts are often located in the heart of the resort or just off the slopes, which makes them more convenient than staying in a hotel or a condo.

Yurt-cabins offer affordable, unique, and eco-friendly lodging for anyone looking to vacation at a ski resort. If you’re part of a ski resort management team and are looking to add yurts to your resort lodging, Freedom Yurt-Cabins offers yurt house kits that are perfect for creating a fleet of options. Take a look at our various options to find the ones that fit your needs.


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