How Much Snow Can a Yurt Cabin Roof Hold?

Yurt cabins have become a popular option for sustainable and eco-friendly living. How yurt cabins can withstand different weather conditions is one concern many have when considering them for housing. The question of how much snow a yurt cabin roof can hold also often arises in regions that experience heavy snowfall. Read on to learn the maximum snow load a yurt cabin roof can take, the factors that affect it, and how to prevent damage.

How Much Can the Roof Handle?

The amount of snow a yurt cabin roof can hold depends on various factors like the collected snow’s weight, roof pitch, and roof material. Generally, a yurt cabin roof’s maximum snow load capacity is 60 pounds per square foot. Therefore, too much collected snow can put a lot of stress on the roof and can cause severe damage if it weighs more than 60 pounds per square foot.

Roof Pitch Affects Capacity

The roof pitch of a yurt cabin also affects its snow load capacity. Yurt cabins with a high roof pitch will have a snow-shedding capability. So, the snow will slide off and won’t cause any damage if there is a lot of snow on the roof. On the other hand, a lower-pitch roof will accumulate more snow and may be unable to support it.

Roof Material Plays a Factor

The roof material is another factor that plays a crucial role in determining the snow load capacity of a yurt cabin. Yurt cabins built with high-quality materials, like the hard-sided yurts from Freedom Yurt Cabins that can handle heavy snowfall, tend to have a better snow load capacity. For example, a roof made of metal sheets or PVC membrane can withstand a snow load of up to 90 pounds per square foot.

Snow Buildup Prevention Tips

Preventing snow buildup on a yurt cabin’s roof is essential to avoid damage. We recommend yurt owners regularly remove snow from their roofs after any heavy snowfall. You can use a snow rake to safely remove accumulated snow without damaging the roof.

Installing heating elements like cables is another option to prevent snow buildup. These cables prevent snow from accumulating on the roof by melting it. It is a more expensive option, but it can save you from potential roof damage.

How much snow a yurt cabin roof can hold depends on several factors. Regular maintenance is essential to prevent damage to the roof. Using high-quality materials to ensure a strong and durable roof that can withstand the winter weather is crucial when building a yurt cabin in an area with heavy snowfall.


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