Tips for Keeping Mice out of Your Yurt This Winter

The winter season can be the most challenging time to keep your yurt pest-free. While most people focus on insect-related problems during the warmer months, mice can find their way into your cozy yurt during the colder months in search of shelter and food. In this post, we provide tips for keeping mice out of your yurt this winter.

Seal all Potential Entry Points

The first line of defense to keep mice from entering your yurt is to seal off all potential entry points and keep the warm air inside. Inspect areas such as windows, doors, and vents. Ensure you fit them correctly and cover any holes or gaps.

It is a wise idea to check around your yurt’s foundation to see if any cracks or openings also need attention. Check inside your yurt for small gaps or holes that could invite mice. Seal cracks or gaps with silicone caulk or a similar waterproof sealant.

Keep Your Yurt Tidy

The second most important strategy to keep mice out is to keep food and water out of their reach. Do not leave any pet food outside, and ensure you seal all organic waste as mice will look for food anywhere they can find it.

Dark, quiet spaces tend to attract mice, so any clutter in your yurt can easily become their breeding ground. Clean your yurt regularly, and ensure you wash the dishes and discard food crumbs. Also, store your food in airtight containers—mice can chew through almost anything in search of food.

Use Natural Repellents

Mice have a keen and sensitive sense of smell; thus, scents such as peppermint and cinnamon can repel them. You can easily create a natural deterrent by soaking cotton balls in peppermint oil and leaving them in the corners of your wooden yurt or near the vents. You could also use natural-based mouse repellant sprays, which are effective and safe for children and pets.

Use Traps

It’s time to set traps if you’re having a significant problem with mice and simple remedies aren’t doing it. Choose the right kind of trap for the specific rodent you want to catch. Glue boards are a humane way of trapping rodents if you don’t want to use traditional, spring-loaded mousetraps. Another option is electronic traps, which are simple to set up and eliminate the need for handling. Place the traps in areas where mice are most likely to go, like near skirting boards.

Winter can be tricky for yurt owners trying to keep out pesky rodents. However, these tips for keeping mice out of your yurt this winter will help you make mice problems a thing of the past!


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