Is It Safe To Live in a Yurt Cabin Year Round?

Yurt cabins are becoming more popular as an alternative for people who want to live in a unique and affordable home. They are round, tent-like structures made of canvas and other materials that provide an eco-friendly lifestyle. But is it safe to live in a yurt cabin year-round? This blog will explore the safety concerns of living in a yurt cabin and what makes it a safe and practical choice for homeowners.

Durable & Weather-Resistant

Yurt cabins can easily withstand harsh weather conditions such as high winds and heavy snowfall. A yurt cabin’s roof distributes weight evenly, allowing it to support heavy snow loads and rainfall.

They can also withstand strong wind gusts. Additionally, the canvas used to cover yurts resists moisture and mildew due to the treatment it receives during the manufacturing process. So, the yurt is a safe structure even if you live in a rainy, snowy, or humid area.


Yurt cabins provide excellent insulation in the winter and summer months. The thick walls and insulating material provide outstanding heat retention, keeping you warm in the winter. In the summer, the canvas coverings and tall ceilings provide ample air flow and keep the space cool. You’ll have zero issues being comfortable all year.

Easy To Install and Relocate

Its portability and easy installation are two of the biggest advantages of living in a yurt cabin. Professional companies, like Freedom Yurt Cabins, can install the yurt for you in one to two days, and you can take it apart, move it, and reassemble it elsewhere as needed.

You also have the option of building your yurt cabin with close friends and family in three to five days. This portability and easy install capability means that if you constructed your yurt cabin on land prone to natural disasters, like fires or floods, you can easily move the yurt to a safe location.

Overall, living in a yurt cabin year-round is safe and practical. Many advantages to living in a yurt cabin exist, from being weather-resistant and easy to install. Of course, routine maintenance and upkeep are necessary to ensure your and your cabin’s safety as with any house. However, the yurt cabin is an affordable, sustainable, and elegant housing solution that can help you reconnect with nature while minimizing environmental impact. So, give yurt cabins a shot if you’re looking for a unique and safe living space.

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