The Benefits of Building a Loft Inside Your Yurt

Do you live in a yurt full-time and find yourself running out of space? Or maybe you want to add more privacy? You should consider installing a loft. Continue reading to explore the benefits of building a loft inside your yurt. Discovering all they have to offer may pleasantly surprise you.

Additional Privacy

Yurts don’t provide much privacy. Initially, it’s an open space where you and your family and friends can gather. Lofts can give that sense of privacy and a place to escape. You can create an office space or bedroom where you can retreat. Building vertically in the yurt will help you define the area and claim it as your little oasis.

Added Storage

Yurt’s don’t provide much storage space because they’re meant to help people downsize their belongings and live modestly. That doesn’t mean you don’t need storage space for additional items—especially if you have a growing family. Adding a loft to your yurt provides a place to store pantry items, winter gear, or seasonal decor.

Create a Guest Bedroom

Guests appreciate having a place to escape to when staying at others’ homes. Otherwise, it’s easy for friends and family members to feel like they’re in the way or infringing on your space. A loft creates a safe space they can rest, relax, and recharge while visiting.

A guest bedroom can double as an office or craft room. Install bunk beds or a Murphy bed to open up the space and accommodate a handful of guests.

Provide More Space

Do you live in a yurt and have a growing family? Adding a yurt will provide extra space that you can use for whatever you so choose. You can turn it into a playroom for the kids. It can become a yoga studio. Give your cats or dogs a little paradise inside the yurt to call their own. Having that additional area to turn into anything you choose is nice. With a yurt, the possibilities are truly endless.

If you’ve been on the fence about building a loft in your yurt, these benefits will serve you well. You’ll find the added storage, space, and privacy will benefit you greatly. If you still need to purchase a yurt, turn to Freedom Yurt-Cabins. Our incredible, high-quality four-season yurts will provide a comfortable home year-round. Browse our amazing selection today!


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