3 Ways To Make Your Yurt More Pet Friendly

People are flocking to yurts because of their minimalistic design and eco-friendliness. Those with pets may find life in a yurt a bit different than a traditional home, however. The smaller living quarters and new location may make adjusting to yurt life challenging. Consider these three ways to make your yurt more pet friendly.

Create a Safe Outdoor Space

One of the reasons so many people are attracted to yurts is how close this living situation places you to nature. Staying in a yurt is a wonderful way to surround yourself with the magical beauty of the woods, lakes, mountains, and more. Unfortunately, this closeness to nature can put your pet in danger. There’s more wildlife walking around in your backyard when you stay in a yurt.

Consider accompanying your pet each time they go outside to use the restroom. Alternatively, you could set up an area in your yurt where they relieve themselves indoors at night. These measures will protect them from animals who view them as a meal. You may also want to install solar-powered flood lights to alert you when something is moving around outside. You should always go outdoors with your pet. That way, you can swiftly take action if anything were to happen.

Give Them a Place To Escape

Dogs and cats need a place to escape so that they can rest. However, yurts are incredibly open shelters unless you add walls or loft space. It’s challenging for your pet to escape the noise and chaos when everything is so open.

Create a safe corner or area with their favorite cozy bed where they can retreat when needed. Your pet will thank you for your thoughtfulness. Consider removing the doors from a cabinet or cupboard and replacing them with a curtain that your pet can rest behind.

Purchase Pet-Friendly Adventure Gear

You’ll most likely be going out on adventures in nature, and you need the gear to keep your pet safe. Look at what flora and fauna are around and keep your dog away from harmful leaves, trees, flowers, and bushes.

You should also invest in a dog whistle and a reflective vest to keep your dog safe while roaming or hiking. Additionally, you must ensure you have a good leash and harness that allows you to quickly recover or redirect your pet.

Use these above ideas to make your yurt more pet friendly. If you’re interested in purchasing a yurt, browse the selection at Freedom Yurt-Cabins. Our yurt house kits create stable homes for everyone. We use premium products that make our yurts stand out above the competition.


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