How To Start a Yurt Cabin Glamping Business

Hotels, resorts, and rental homes have been popular getaway accommodations for decades. It’s time for them to step aside and make room for glamping. Glamping is the perfect way to connect with nature without giving up the amenities of home.

Over the past decade, glamping has grown in popularity. Families, couples, and individuals want to get off the beaten path without having to sleep on the ground, rent an RV, or use a communal shower. It’s easy to see why anyone would consider starting a glamping business. That’s why we’re here to help. Continue reading to understand how to start a yurt cabin glamping business.

Location Is Crucial

Choosing the right location is crucial for a successful yurt cabin glamping business. Do you have an expansive backyard that overlooks a state park? Do you have a large plot of land that’s close to a desirable attraction or popular tourist destination? Is it a remote area, nestled into nature, away from major cities?

You don’t need to live in a particularly busy place to make the yurt cabin glamping business work. Being close to a popular location is ideal because it will encourage people to stay at your glamping site.

Consider locations close to restaurants, trails, vineyards, beaches, lakes, vistas, and more if you want to purchase some property. It makes your yurt cabin more appealing than one that’s further away. Don’t forget to think about local festivals and events. People will search for places to stay that are close by. They don’t want to travel far after a day at the festival.

Make a Business Plan

Developing a business plan allows you to put everything down on paper to determine how to best bring your company’s vision to life. It may sound like a painful step, but it’s worth it. Once you’ve finalized your plan, you can show it to potential investors, neighbors, and local planning committees.

The initial outline should be simple and around three to five pages long. Here are the key points to include in your outline:

  • An executive summary
  • A business overview
  • A marketing plan
  • The operation’s structure
  • Finances
  • Customer, industry, and competitive trends

This summary will answer any questions your investors and partners will have about how the business will make money, how it will work, and the day-to-day operations.

Zoning and Planning Permission

After securing your business, call the appropriate city and county officials to ensure they will allow your company to operate. You should complete this step sooner rather than later. Do your homework to see if the area permits a glamping site, short-term rental, or campground service.

What zoning and permits are already associated with your potential land? Most likely, the county will provide online charts and maps of the various districts. It will also list the definitions of authorized land-use restrictions for different land parcels.

After researching everything yourself, schedule a meeting with a local planning representative. Ensure you take your business plan with you. You’ll share your vision, and they’ll provide a better understanding regarding any limitations you didn’t consider.

Startup Costs

The most expensive cost will be the yurt cabins. Freedom Yurt Cabins start at $29,000. How many yurt cabins do you want on the property? What kinds of upgrades are you considering? Our glamping yurts for sale are easy to build and have incredible features perfect for any glamping business. The hard-sided yurts can hold up in different seasons, making them the best yurts on the market.

You’ll have to purchase land if you’re not putting the yurt cabin glamping business on a property you already own. Remember, it should be a breathtaking, hidden area that’s still easy for customers to reach. Off-the-beaten path locations are more affordable and preferred by glampers.

Other ongoing expenses you’ll need to think about include:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Business Insurance
  • Amenities
  • Property taxes
  • Furnishings

Advantages of Owning a Glamping Business

Glamping is all the rage. People appreciate being so close to nature without lacking any amenities like electricity, a typical bed, and running water. One could argue that it’s how camping should be. Owning a yurt cabin business comes with various advantages.

Higher Profits

You won’t need to worry about high maintenance or startup costs with yurt cabins. Thanks to these features you’ll see profits soon after opening the business. You’ll get your return on investment (ROI) quicker than other companies.

Popular Among Travelers

Since glamping is incredibly popular, there won’t be a lack of customers. Nature lovers especially appreciate the proximity to nature. Families also love yurt cabins because it’s all the benefits of camping without the headache—no more building a tent and sleeping on the ground.

Couples love glamping because they can enjoy a secluded romantic retreat where they can escape their busy lives. They’re also perfect for a weekend getaway with friends. It’s a wide audience you can target. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn’t love to stay in a yurt.

Lower Startup Costs

This blog has explored this benefit a bit, but let’s take a closer look. Glamping has significantly lower startup costs compared to a bed and breakfast, large rental house, or small motel. It also has less maintenance and operation costs.

Since you can use remote areas to create glamping sites, you won’t have to worry about paying top dollar for, say, a beachfront property. Seclusion is what yurt cabin vacationers look for when booking a stay. Of course, you can purchase land near the ocean or a lake, but you don’t have to limit yourself to those areas.

Eco-Friendly Getaway

Travelers care greatly about sustainability, as they should. Glamping is an eco-friendly and sustainable getaway perfect for the eco-conscious customer. Yurt cabins don’t use nearly the same amount of materials or resources as a regular cabin or holiday home. Think of all the trees you save by building a yurt cabin as opposed to a rental house.

You can add features to the yurt cabin to make it even more eco-friendly. Solar panels are one of those features. Also, consider installing a rainwater collection bin and filtration system.

Use these tips to help you start your yurt cabin glamping business. It will make the process easier since you’ll know what to expect. Soon, you’ll have a waitlist because all the glamping travelers will want to stay at your site.

How To Start a Yurt Cabin Glamping Business

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