5 Ways To Make Your Yurt More Kid Friendly

Moving into a yurt is a fun and different experience for everyone in the family. However, adjusting to the smaller space can be a challenge. These five ideas will make your yurt more kid-friendly. Read on to discover ways to create privacy, play areas, and more.

Build a Loft Area

Adding a loft to your yurt is a fantastic way to make the building more kid-friendly. A loft provides a place where they can escape to when they need peace and quiet. You can even turn it into a private bedroom for them. It’s a space where they can enjoy crafting, reading, sleeping, and napping.

Children, especially as they age, enjoy having a place all their own. A loft provides the privacy they’re craving without compromising the integrity of the yurt. Let them decorate the area to ensure they know this space is theirs.

Add a Bathroom

Installing a bathroom in your yurt will make things much easier. Few things sound as miserable as going outside to use the restroom in the middle of the night. It doesn’t have to be big, but having a toilet, a small shower, and a sink available at your disposal will provide you with a more kid-friendly yurt.

Purchase Multifunctional Furniture

Storage ottomans, expandable tables, Murphy beds, and convertible game tables are all excellent options. They’ll provide additional storage and make the yurt feel more comfortable and fun. There are incredible couch options that provide bonus storage too. Furniture with storage options will give you a place to store winter gear, blankets, and pillows.

Set Up an Outdoor Play Space

One of the many reasons people build yurts is to put themselves and their families closer to nature. Utilize the incredible land your yurt is on and create an amazing outdoor play area for the kids. You can include a tree house, a swing set, an obstacle course, a natural swimming pool, and a badminton net. Don’t forget to give them a lounging space where they can relax outside after a long day of play. Add cozy chairs, a fire pit, and loungers to amplify the area.

Create a Garden

Kids love playing in the dirt. Why not add a large garden where you can let the kids plant vegetables and fruit that excites them? Involve the children from the beginning stages to the end. Plan where you will build the garden and what size you want it to be. Discuss together which plants you’ll add to the space. You can always involve the kids by inviting them to water the garden or help harvest the plants!

Use these five straightforward methods to make your yurt more kid-friendly. Ensure you choose a yurt house kit from Freedom Yurt Cabins for your yurt. Our hard-sided yurt cabins are safer and more effective than traditional yurts.


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