Why You Should Install Gutters on Your Yurt

Gutters might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you picture your cozy yurt hideaway, but they’re more than a simple plumbing fixture. Gutters can be the unsung heroes of your yurt, offering both practical protection and eco-friendly benefits. Yurt owners, discover why you should install gutters on your yurt.

Avoid Erosion

The significant impact gutters can have on erosion is one of the key benefits of installing them on your yurt. Without gutters, rain pours off your yurt’s rounded roof in sheets, eroding the ground around your structure and creating an uneven landscape. This unevenness is unsightly and can threaten the yurt’s structural integrity over time. Gutters direct the water flow, harmonizing the environment around your yurt.

Easy To Collect Rainwater

Collecting rainwater isn’t just for preppers or off-the-grid enthusiasts. It’s a sustainable way to gather water for the garden, toilet flushing, or even as an emergency water supply. This collection can be a game-changer for four-season yurt dwellers reliant on natural resources. Gutters reduce your ecological impact and offer a free, pure water source directly from the sky.

Your Foundation’s Best Friend

Protecting the foundation is a pivotal part of home maintenance, and gutters play a vital role. They keep water away from your yurt’s base, preventing premature deterioration that can result in costly repairs. Safeguarding the foundation ensures your yurt remains a solid investment you can continue to enjoy for years.

Choosing the Right Gutters

The decision to install gutters is only the beginning. Traditional gutters are an option when it comes to yurts, but so are more eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing ones made from bamboo or reclaimed wood for a rustic look that complements your yurt’s natural setting. Your gutters should be as unique as your yurt, so explore your options to find the perfect fit.

A DIY Installation

Thinking about installing gutters might raise some eyebrows, but it’s more accessible than you might think. You can tackle this project on the weekend with the right materials and a step-by-step guide tailored to the yurt’s unique shape. It’s a hands-on approach to home improvement that will make you feel even more connected to your living space.

Weather-Proofing With Routine Maintenance

Installing gutters is just the start; maintaining them is where the long-term benefits kick in. A seasonally appropriate cleaning routine will keep them functioning properly and prevent any unfortunate overflowing surprises during heavy rains.

You should install gutters on your yurt because they can make a big difference. They protect your investment and the environment while providing a hands-on approach to sustainable living. Gutters are a feature every yurt owner should consider. Ready to make the leap? Install those gutters, and witness how your yurt’s ecosystem can thrive with this subtle yet significant modification!


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