Ways To Make Your Yurt Rental Listing Stand Out

Are you a proud yurt owner looking to rent out your yurt as a vacation rental? If so, you’re probably eager to find renters quickly. Below we’ll discuss a few ways to make your yurt rental listing stand out to set you on your way to transforming your unique property into a profitable income source.

Write a Catchy Title With Critical Information

Your listing title is the first thing potential renters see, so it’s crucial to make a strong first impression by crafting a descriptive and appealing title. Be sure to include essential information like cost, location, the number of people accommodated, and the duration of rentals. Here’s an example:

“Charming Yurt Nestled in the Redwoods – Sleeps 4 – From $99/Night – Weekend Getaways Welcome!”

This title provides all the critical information for potential renters while capturing their interest with buzzwords like “charming” and “nestled.”

Provide a Concise but Detailed Description

Once the title catches the reader’s attention, an attractive description can reel them in. In this section, highlight your yurt’s amenities, or the picturesque scenery surrounding the property. Be sure to mention the key selling points of your yurt: for example, a wooden yurt, as opposed to a canvas sided yurt, is attractive as a sturdy, semi-permanent structure. Create a sense of allure that will catch the eye of potential renters. Your description should be concise but comprehensive, inviting visitors to imagine themselves enjoying a stay in your yurt. Here’s an example:

“Our cozy yurt offers the perfect blend of comfort and nature. Featuring a stunning view of the nearby creek, hotel bedding, full-sized tub, and a private firepit. This is truly a place where you can unplug and recharge. Close to numerous hiking and biking trails.”

Invest in Quality Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and high-quality, captivating photos can significantly enhance your yurt listing. Renters want to see what they’ll be getting, so be sure to provide clear and vibrant photos showcasing your yurt’s beauty, both inside and out. Take pictures from various angles and ensure the lighting is perfect to captivate potential renters. Don’t forget to include pictures of your yurt’s spectacular surroundings and any other unique features or amenities. If you’re not handy with a camera, it’s worth paying a professional for truly beautiful images that present your yurt at its best.

To ensure your yurt rental listing stands out from the rest, provide essential information sprinkled with descriptive words that evoke an image of relaxation, beauty, and exploration. Highlight your yurt’s unique features, and upload high-quality, captivating photos. By taking these steps, you’ll attract renters who are eager to experience your one-of-a-kind yurt getaway.


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