The Major Benefits of Living in Round Homes

Are you considering building a home? Have you thought about the benefits of living in a round home? While the style is still unconventional in most areas, it’s catching on with homeowners who want to create auxiliary dwelling units, vacation rentals, or separate home office spaces.

Many incredible benefits accompany living in round homes. For one, they cost less to build because they use less material. They also provide better air circulation and even help foster a stronger sense of community among your family and friends. Continue reading to explore everything round homes have to offer.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Circular walls are more thermally efficient than their rectangular counterparts, saving you money on heating and cooling costs. Therefore, homeowners seeking ways to reduce their utility bills should consider a round home.

A circle has less boundary area for the same square footage of interior space. That means round homes have less exterior wall square footage. By reducing the amount of surface area exposed to the outside weather, circular walls are better at staying warm during the winter and cooler in the summer. This results in lower utility costs and a more comfortable living space in any season for all-season yurts or other types of circular buildings. Making the switch to circular walls may require some adjustments in design and construction, but the long-term benefits are well worth the investment.

Fewer Building Materials

With fewer square feet of expensive outer wall, round homes use less material, making them more sustainable. Building a round house or hard-sided yurt could potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars in building costs and reduce the home’s environmental impact.

Wind and Earthquake Resistance

The shape of a home plays a crucial role in its resilience against weather and earth tremors. Round homes hold a distinct advantage over traditional square houses when it comes to wind resistance and earthquake durability.

For one, round homes are more aerodynamic, deflecting wind around the structure instead of allowing wind to push against the wide, flat surfaces of a square building. This means that round homes are likely to withstand high-speed winds that might severely damage or even destroy a square house.

Furthermore, the inherent flexibility and interconnectedness of a round home’s design allows it to absorb seismic energy during an earthquake, reducing the risk of structural failure.

Improved Flow

The lack of sharp corners in circular design makes it easier for people to move around the space without feeling cramped or hindered by furniture placement. With no sharp corners, this type of layout allows for a smoother, more seamless flow.

One challenge may be finding furniture that harmonizes with curved walls, as most furniture is made based on the assumption it will occupy a square or rectangular room. But the largely unobstructed open plan of a round home enables creativity with furniture placement. Plus, the addition of dividing walls for privacy can provide more opportunities to position seating and wall art.

The open floor plan of a round building can also aid a different kind of flow: ventilation and air circulation. Round homes don’t contain many stagnant spots unless the occupant overfills the space with large furniture or dividing walls that prevent airflow.

Less Maintenance

If you’re tired of spending countless hours cleaning your home only to find dust and dirt in hard-to-reach corners, a round home could be the solution. With fewer places for dirt to hide or disappear in corners, round homes require less cleaning overall. With less effort necessary to clean your home, you can enjoy more time doing the things you love. Say goodbye to the never-ending cycle of cleaning and hello to a home that is easy to maintain.

A Feeling of More Space

Despite having a smaller overall footprint, round homes maximize the use of interior space with curved walls and open floor plans. Round homes have captured the imagination of many homeowners looking for a new style of living. Whether you’re looking for a family home or a cozy retreat, a round home could be just the spacious yet space-saving solution you need.

Softer Sound

While acousticians will argue that round shapes are terrible for acoustics, those who have experienced sound in a round home sing the praises of its acoustics. Round buildings soften sound and resist exterior noise. Much like wind, sound waves seem to flow around—rather than into and through—round structures. Conversations seem easier, and the atmosphere is more restful due to the softening effect of the round walls.

Choose Your Style of Round Home

Round homes can be built in a variety of styles that cater to diverse tastes and needs. The most notable type is the yurt—a portable, circular dwelling that originated from the nomadic tribes of Central Asia. Known for its exceptional durability and comfort, the yurt–tent is an excellent choice for people seeking flexibility and adventure.

For individuals who prefer a more permanent residence, hard-sided yurt–cabins offer an ideal combination of robustness and rustic charm. These structures typically feature solid panel walls, insulated windows, and a weather-resistant roof, providing all the comforts of a conventional home while maintaining the unique appeal of a round structure.

As you can see by now, round homes offer a plethora of benefits for smart and sustainable homeowners. These stylish yet modern dwellings can provide their occupants with increased energy efficiency, lower cost due to fewer building materials, improved flow, and wind and earthquake resistance.

Plus, due to their unique construction, circular homes may actually increase the amount of interior living space. This makes them an ideal choice for today’s eco-minded homeowners looking to maximize every last inch of functional space in their homes. And with better acoustics and less maintenance than traditional rectangular homes, round houses are perfect for those looking for a convenient, comfortable way to reduce their environmental footprint.

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The Major Benefits of Living in Round Homes

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