How To Maximize the Space Inside Your Yurt

Yurts have been gaining popularity over the past decade. Many people love the quaint charm and natural elements they provide. Families can place them on their properties to give guests a private place to escape to while visiting. They’ve also become popular rental options for vacationers to experience nature in an exciting yet comfortable way.

These wonderfully updated tents don’t provide much space, so owners need to get creative about storage. You don’t want a cramped yurt. Here’s how to maximize the space inside your yurt to make the most of it.

Utilizing vertical space is crucial for maximizing indoor space for any home, yurt or not. Tall bookshelves provide areas to stack books, board games, records, and more. Purchase buckets and baskets that fit on the shelves to increase storage. You can fill these buckets with winter hats, gloves, and knickknacks that need a home.

Tall Bookshelves

Add some potted plants to bring nature indoors and a touch of greenery. Tall bookshelves make an ideal home for your framed photographs and décor. It’s a way to add your personality to the space, making your yurt feel homier.

Tall bookshelves are incredibly aesthetically pleasing. They draw the eye upward, giving the illusion of more space. Find the style of bookshelf you like and add more space to your yurt.

Small Bathroom Facilities

Many yurt owners establish an outhouse nearby since there isn’t much space inside for one. The problem is that not everybody wants to leave the yurt to use the facilities, especially in the middle of the night or when the weather is bad.

The good news is that you can install a small bathroom in your yurt and still feel comfortable. Establish a section or a closet in your yurt to create a small modern bathroom. Place it next to the kitchen to share the water source. Use small toilets, sinks, and showers to make the bathroom within your yurt. Add floating shelves for additional storage space in the room.

Build Upper Storage

Building an upper loft is an excellent way to maximize space inside your yurt. The spacious high ceilings in yurts provide enough room to add a loft. You open up a world of new storage solutions when you build upward.

Lofts provide additional privacy and the perfect place to sleep, relax, and unwind. You can utilize this area as a bedroom, allowing more space for furniture to provide added seating for guests. There’s also the opportunity for extra storage hiding under the loft stairs. It’s the perfect place to store seasonal items and kitchen equipment.

Use the loft partition walls to add built-in storage to the loft. You can add floor-to-ceiling shelves to make your yurt feel more open.

If you build the loft above your kitchen, you can use the walls to create a pantry. Build shelving to add canned goods and non-perishable items, or try retractable pantry drawers to store small appliances. Use the ceiling made by the loft to hang pots and pans with hooks.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Expandable, portable, and convertible furniture can save you space in your yurt. Plus, you’ll get the most out of each piece, which is crucial in a smaller home. Look for coffee tables with hidden storage underneath. Use this area to store blankets, toys, and games.

Ottomans can also feature extra storage, creating the perfect place to hide items. Use foldable or stackable chairs so you can put them away and make space when needed. Turn to Murphy beds as a convertible furniture option. You can fold it up during the day, allowing you to move around more comfortably.

Drop-leaf tables are excellent options for yurts. Keep the table small and expand it when friends and family come over. Turn a sturdy bookshelf on its side and add a cushion to create more seating options. Any of these multi-use furniture options can optimize the space in your yurt.

Utilize Partition Walls

If you don’t want to build walls in your yurt, you can add partition walls with creative dividers. Strategically placed large bookshelves can create a division and make individual spaces. Decorative divider screens and curtains are other options to utilize.

These alternatives are portable, meaning you can move them around to create the best layout. Move the bookshelf from one area to another for special occasions. It’s a simple, customizable solution.

Hanging Items

Hang items from hooks on the ceiling and walls. It’s a great way to increase space and utilize vertical storage. Choose hanging planters as opposed to finding places to set potted plants.

Instead of using up cupboard space for large pots and pans, use hooks to hang them. Place them near the stovetop for easy access during cooking.

Place a coat rack near the door to hang coats, bags, and other items. These objects would otherwise become shoved in a corner and make the place look cramped. You can hang baskets to store mail and documents. Floating shelves are also great for placing decorative items and creating your unique aesthetic.

Use Outside Space

Yes, using the area outside will maximize the inside space. Essentially, you’re creating an outdoor living space you can utilize when the weather is nice. Install a wraparound porch for a functional area and a pleasing aesthetic. Add a firepit and plenty of seating so everyone can enjoy the outdoors. Firepits provide warmth on those chilly days and nights.

Set up an outdoor kitchen to take advantage of the space during warm and sunny weather. There’s a blurry line between indoor and outdoor living spaces with yurts. Therefore, the outside becomes a unique and natural extension of your yurt. It’s like when those beautiful mansions open the glass doors to allow the outdoor elements inside.

Set up a large picnic area for everyone to enjoy a meal in the beautiful outdoors. Listen to the birds chirping, squirrels chattering, and leaves rustling while you eat a delicious lunch or dinner. Add some string lights and lovely décor to complete the entire look. You’ve now enhanced your outdoor living space while maximizing the room inside your yurt.

Yes, a yurt may be smaller than the average house, but that doesn’t mean they don’t provide enough room to live comfortably. Get started with one of our yurt kits, then use these space optimization ideas to create a yurt you love and appreciate. Try one, or try them all!

How To Maximize the Space Inside Your Yurt

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