1. How much does it cost to use loan glide?

Nothing! Loanglide is FREE for Consumers

2. Will my credit score be affected when I check my interest rate?

No! Checking your interest rate does not effect your credit score.

3. What documents will I need to provide?

None. We do not ask for any documents for most of our loan applications. In certain cases, the loan may need to be reviewed based on our credit bureau report and we may need relevant documents to process the application.

4. When will I find out if I have prequalified?

Immediately after completing the application. For most customers, it takes less than 2 minutes to pre-qualify.

Have additional Questions? Check out detailed Loanglide FAQs HERE.

Yurt Financing

If you’re ready to take the next steps, then you’re likely looking for yurt companies that finance. After all, such an important investment takes considerable financial responsibility, but that doesn’t mean the financing process needs to be difficult. At Freedom Yurt-Cabins, we are proud to offer manageable yurt financing options powered by Loanglide to help you break your project cost into simple monthly payments. For starters, the paperless application is straightforward, and you can even fill it out on your computer or smartphone. Immediately after completing the application, you’ll find out if you qualify. It couldn’t get easier than that!

As yurt enthusiasts, we’re glad to simplify the path to ownership because we don’t want our customers to be stumped when it comes to learning how to finance a yurt. Get started on your yurt financing application today; you’ll be one step closer to living your dream life.